About us

With a combination of providing hand crafted industrial furniture together with unique finds for furnishing and decoration, Artistic Industrial represents over twenty years of skilled industrial design passion …and grubby fingernails.

Back in the early nineties using Artistic Industrial as the descriptive term Stuart Cotterill coined to characterise the metalwork furniture and lighting he was creating at the time, little did we know that two decades later Artistic Industrial would be back. This time around not only is Artistic Industrial an accurate description of the metalwork produced by us but also as a brand for well made, unique, one-off, and batch produced metalwork.

In conjunction with designing and making hand forged and hand crafted pieces, we also source and provide interesting and unique items that are in keeping with industrial decor and rough luxe interior styling.
Items range from choice pieces of furniture, lighting, signage, and interesting oddments that provide distinctive additions for interior use.
Whether it’s a key character piece you’re looking for, or additional elements to add to a fully industrial domestic or commercial interior, the chances are we may just have something that will appeal.

Artistic Industrial provide:
• Our own Artistic Industrial brand hand crafted metalwork designs.
• Repurposed and re-imagined vintage industrial items.
• Bespoke and commission based design service.
• Antique, salvaged, and vintage articles.

We work with a variety of clients ranging from individuals looking for interesting or functional items for home, retail stores that require bespoke fittings or decorative items, interior designers, trade contacts, and just about anybody with a discerning eye for quality, craftsmanship, and quirkiness.
Vintage industrial may be a current design trend, but Artistic Industrial is, and always has been part of our life.

The Artistic Industrial website serves as our online sales showroom given that we’re a functioning workshop rather than a high street store.
To purchase an item, simply enter your contact details within the “enquire about this item” link on the product page, or get in touch via telephone and we’ll aid in getting you that choice piece you’re looking for as swiftly as possible.
Should you require further information regarding any of the items detailed, or would like to contact us for commission based work, please feel free to get in touch on the Contact page where you can email or call us direct and we’ll gladly assist with your requirements.
Viewings and commission consultations are welcome and can be arranged by appointment.

For a more detailed insight into Artistic Industrial, you can read our story by clicking BIOGRAPHY here.